“I wanted to update you on my progress. I saw you back in August, I think. At that time I believe I was at a 3-4 with my prolapsed uterus. I started doing the mayan massage at home.

I finally started seeing the PT in October. Now, between the Mayan massage and the self-PT, I am staying in most of the time! Only when I am on my feet for very long or I lift something heavy, I will feel my bladder prolapse. But then I get back to the exercises/massage and it goes back up pretty quickly. My uterus has not prolapsed in a long while now, and my rectum was healed almost immediately.

I am so pleased with the results of combined massage and PT. I tell all my friends about it’s success. Thank you again, and God bless!”

M.V.,  Mt. Airy, MD

“First, thank you for today. You truly are a gift in my life and I’m happy to have found you.

I appreciate your baring with me. I feel wonderful since our appointment. Not 100% but as close as I’ve come since before I was pregnant. Surprisingly (to me anyway, although I’m sure maybe not to you), I’ve got a lot of fear around this. I was (and still am a little bit) fearful of losing this mostly pain-free existence. Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing more work with you. I think you are very good for me.”

 -C.L., McLean, VA

“Thank you for your healing listening, therapeutic space, and healing touch.  You are truly and healer, and one I will recommend.  Here is a quote that I just came across in my papers.  It is from a lecture to Waldorf early childhood educators and is a quote from Karl Konig, the founder of the Camphill ‘curative ‘ education movement:

There is a Knighthood of our time
Whose members do not ride through the darkness
Of physical forests as of old,
But of the forests of darkened minds.
They are armed with a spiritual armor
An inner sun makes them radiant.
Out of them shines healing–
Healing that flows from the knowledge of the
Image of Humankind as a Spiritual being.
They must create inner order, inner justice
Peace and Conviction in the darkness of our time.

It feels great to be ‘back in the saddle’ and actively on the healing path again.
Light and Peace,”

-Liz Hagerman,
Board certified dance/movement therapist, and infant/toddler specialist
Takoma Park, MD

“I have seen Angela Ferri as a client for a number of years, and have always been impressed by the depth of her knowledge and compassion towards not only the human body but the human spirit. She has been able to resolve issues with my body that no other practitioner could resolve. She is an amazing person with amazing talent. She truly has a gift to help people.”

      – Michele W., McLean, VA

“… I was told by my OB/GYN… that the pain during my monthly cycles was do to a tumor growth in my uterus, (which would send me to the hospital monthly for morphine, causing me to lose about 3-4 days of work on average), would never stop growing and would prevent me from having a healthy pregnancy, so I should get a hysterectomy.

Well, at the early age of 34, you can imagine how devastated I was with the thought of never having children and losing my uterus. I researched several ‘alternative’ treatments.

I began my sessions with Angela in February of 2005, by April I did not require hospital medication, nor did I miss any days off from work for my monthly cycle. I continued my monthly, sometimes bi-monthly visits with Angela until September 2006 at which point I became pregnant with my amazing daughter who was born in June of 2007.

I returned to Angela… after having my daughter … I continue to remain ‘hospital free’, and my OB/GYN and specialist now say I don’t need a hysterectomy because the tumor has not progressed any further in growth … This is just a small part of what the massage time with Angela means to my family and me.

We are truly thankful for her compassionate, caring and healing hands. You have the power to heal yourself from within, but sometimes you need someone else’s hands to guide you in the right direction.”

-Ashley T., Germantown, MD

“You have introduced me to my body and I am more aware now as how body and mind are connected/intertwined. The experience has been relaxing, joyous and peaceful.
I also enjoyed and learned Maya Abdominal massage from you. I practice it on myself very often. You have been an excellent caregiver in its totality. You are so apt to your name Angel(a).
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there.”

Shilpa S., Germantown, MD

“Thank you so much for everything–the massages….the support…the feeling of being cared for….and just for being around your energy. It’s been a privilege to know you.”

-C., Vienna, VA

Thank you Angela,

As a self confessed CURMDGEON, defended as a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man…I am very hard to please, and I rarely, if ever give testimonials, but Angela is that good…

I have never experienced such a profound emotional release and physical relief from a massage technique, and as a retired professional massage therapist myself, I have been searching my entire career for the one person that has all of the techniques that make for not a good massage, but a great massage…

What I learned and experienced:
What I realized was that I have been unconsciously holding my gut in, which was putting so much stress on my muscles and ligaments of the abdomen, it was stressing my intestines, causing me to get “backed-up” on my diaphragm, preventing me from breathing right and when you combine both of them, the stress on my heart was making me hypertensive, to the point of mini-shakes…

Why I will continue to see Angela:
The abdominal techniques combined with all of the other massage techniques she uses is the total solution for me, the pressure is not deep or light. It is the correct pressure, her style is not general, but hyper specific…”

-Steven Hefferon,
Germantown, MD
Co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute

“My pap smear is NORMAL!!! Thanks for all your help, herbs and supplements. It worked.”

-S.B., Germantown, MD

” I want you to know that working with you makes  me feel a whole lot better and I really appreciate…your effort and understanding. I don’t think anyone else would spend energy or time to make each session perfect…Thank you for everything you have given me, which I’m sure is more than you know!”

-R.S., Vienna, VA

” Thanks for the great body therapy, and the input of your wisdom to my total health care.”

-B, from McLean, VA

“Thank you for being a ‘guiding light’ for me this past year.”

-S.S., Germantown, MD

“Your healing powers are so welcomed and wonderful–what a gift!”

-K.S., Arlington, VA

“Thank you so much for the helpful information that you sent! We are so thankful we avoided an induction and could do a natural childbirth!

-H., J. & A. W., Arlington, VA

“…thank you!!! … you helped me so much. I hope one day I can be referring people to you because in a few short minutes, you got me clear.  Bless you.”

-S.P., North Carolina

“For months, I suffered from a pain along the left side of my body after a gynecological procedure. I still had the pain after I visited a neurologist, and ENT doctor, a rheumatologist, and an acupuncturist. Then I found Angela, and after ten minutes, I no longer had the pain. I think she is terrific!”

-R. from Rockville

“Thanks for all the years of reduced stress & better health…”

-A.M., Rockville, MD

“I have received massage from many good therapists over the years and Angela Ferri is the by far the best. Angela holds her practice as a spiritual calling and she brings a wonderfully calming and healing presence to her treatment room. Whether you are seeking a massage for stress relief or pain relief, Angela has the skills and experience to powerfully address both. Her massages are both relaxing and therapeutic.”

-Laura B., Rockville, MD

“Thank you for touching my life!”-

J.G., Warrenton, VA


2 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I enjoyed perusing your website and I’m glad to see someone doing what you do. I have a friend who loved the Mayan pelvic massage she got in New Mexico and will refer her to you. I don’t think she realizes anyone around here does them….

    Best regards,
    Elizabeth Richardson

    1. somagnosis Says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you! Your work is very interesting too! Hope we can connect soon! ~Angela

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