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This is the way it works…

Earlier in the week the temperature reached seventy degrees. Cycling along the C&O Canal, the shadows of trees and saplings fell east across the tow-path. My tires bumped over a camouflaged black snake lying parallel to the shadows. Adrenaline pumping as my bike halted and prayers began for the wellbeing of the snake. It’s head held up, dusty tire marks left midway through its four-foot length. Toward the head, graceful curves of its body remained, while the length of the tail expressed shock. Prayers continued for the well-being of the snake.

Since it was a weekday, there weren’t many folks on the trail. Still, my intention was to protect itautumn stream 2 from any other mishap, not knowing if it could move itself to safety. Gathering fallen branches and praying, barriers were built parallel to the snake on either side. It’s head raised and aware of my movements the entire time. Just as awareness came to me that there was nothing more to do, the snake slithered off down the bank toward the river, with all parts moving smoothly, though probably sorely, to safely. Overjoyed, my prayers stayed with this symbol of transformation for much of the ride.

Praying for the snake, was praying for myself. The moment the incident happened, awareness that my action had perhaps adversely affected a manifest symbol of transformation put directly in my path. It came to awareness that my actions were adversely affecting my transformation: so prayers for the snake were prayers for me.

On Friday morning, a business coach emailed a consulting offer that was appealing. As the day went on my resolve to take her up on the offer wavered: the cost. Before bed that night my experience with the snake on the canal flashed into my mind. Certainty that taking her up on her offer would be of benefit became clear. Still; finances had me frozen. Checking the mailbox the following day, there appeared an envelope from Toyota. A class action law suit had been settled. Attached was a check that would cover the amount for the business consulting fee. Pay attention.

There was a girl born with many talents…… 

Mini Retreats

Please continue to check in or subscribe for updates. I will be adding updates frequently on these offerings over the next few weeks….

Over the years, my experience as a massage therapist, herbalist and Maya abdominal practitioner, has shown me a great need among those who come to me: the majority are starving for a way to nurture feminine spirituality. The spirituality of Being; the balance to the spirituality of Doing. Feminine spirituality is not the sole domain of women. It is an aspect of human spirituality that has been devalued over millenia, creating imbalance in our relationships and consequently on the planet. You may be interested in arranging a mini retreat for yourself if the following narrative resonates with your experience: Plant Spirit Healing.

My own journey has led me from a traditional judeo/christian odessy to an embodied, responsive, direct relationship with the Earth, our Source. The journey has been long and arduous, and it continues. There are many tools I have come to know that have enabled me to walk many dark nights of the soul with a modicum of grace. As I continue to witness those who come to me in my practice, I am called to offer the fullness of what has sustained me through many a dark night, with those who are seeking the way back to them-Selves; back to inner peace, to their authentic gifts and life purpose. And so I offer these quiet, conveniently local, mini retreats in response to this calling. The structure of the retreats are the result of a co-creative process between your goals and my skills. The mini retreats may focus on fertility issues, sustainable wellness or deep soul work. They may be private, semi-private or small groups. And they are local, so there is no need to make elaborate travel plans, arrangements for pet sitting, nor pack and unpack. Just come with what you need for the day, and go home to sleep in your own bed, rested and refreshed.

I have found that my work primarily supports four types of seekers:

  1. Men and women leading busy lives, who are seeking deeper meaning and more balanced living: Angela works with people from all walks of life and spiritual orientations, who respect the deeper spiritual longings of life; who realize there is “no one right path to God”; and who seek to have more health, balance, meaning and authenticity in their lives. They are ready to invest in and take responsibility for their journey.
  2. Those who are at a cross-roads, or facing a significant life transition: For those who feel lost or out of balance in their lives, and are seeking greater health, clarity, meaning and purpose. This may manifest as a health issue, mid-life crisis, change in career or relationship, or feelings of emptiness, depression, anxiety or loss of meaning. Many are professional, well-educated women and men at mid-life (45+) who have entered a rite of passage, though it is often not recognized as such. Feeling disconnection and disheartened, they are searching for renewal, restored health and well-being, and a way to live an authentic, purposeful contribution to the world. Apprenticing clients, many of whom have become frustrated with the limitations of traditional psychotherapy, feel something essential missing from formalized religion, or are tired of the “spiritual group seminar/retreat circuit”, or just at the end of their rope, and who know they need a breakthrough, may quickly and deeply access their own inner guidance and wisdom trough these personalized retreat intensives.
  3. Healthcare professionals expanding the tools of their practice: i.e. psychologists, alternative health practitioners, nurses, and life coaches aware of a growing inner intuitive or psychic availability and who want to deepen their practice and career by deepening their own inner capacities of spiritual awareness.
  4. Seekers in the midst of spiritual initiation: Those who have been life-long students of spiritual awakening and enlightenment and/or who have been on the “spiritual workshop/teacher circuit: and are experiencing a dark night of the soul spiritual crisis, feel stuck in their search, and who know (or suspect) that the answer lies within and that new Seeing is required. For those who know “they can’t get it with the ego/mind”, but cannot find “that other way of knowing”, often called grace.

Feminine Spirituality is Everywhere! I kiss Her Everyday!

Why do I kiss Her everyday? Because she loves me! She is everywhere! Why do you feel better when you are out in Nature??? Because She is loving you most deliciously then. And when you are no longer afraid to be curious about Her, and touch Her, and listen to Her, She will give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED! (And I love men!)

What prompted this effusion of adoration?

In recent conversations with many of my clients, a deep ache was expressed by all of them: Where do I go to nurture feminine spirituality? This surprised me, since I have been honoring this aspect of my Self since the late 1980’s. I just assumed somehow that She is known to my sisters. Yes, in some circles. But not all.

It occurred to me why this must be so: Many of them are at least 10 years younger than I am. Or, they haven’t until now, felt the calling to search deeply for what is True for women. This means they started searching for help after insurance companies began disallowing coverage for psychotherapy: the place where I became aware that Divine Feminine exists at all. Perhaps this earnest search is a beneficial outcome, springing from challenges our collective dysfunctional excesses are forcing to sprout? As a dear teacher of mine often says: challenge/benefit?….same/same.

Recently, I have been searching for a way to share what I know from having learned how to listen to Her. In an exercise I undertook, the following topics arose as ones I could expand upon in my offerings to my clients. In the spirit of community, co-creation is what I most desire. I want to share with you what I know, resources to support you, and a place to chat about all of this. I ask you now: Which of the following subtopics would you most like to learn about? I invite you to leave your comments, thoughts, dreams, desires around all of this!

  • What is Feminine Spirituality?
  • The Great Goddess ~ The Earth
    • fertility
    • moon lodges
  • goddesses
    • Pre-Hellenic: Isis
    • Greek, roman, celtic, native american, african, hindu, chinese, maya
      • Greek/roman: Hera, Aprodite/Venus, Artemis, Vesta/Hestia, Demeter
      • Celtic: Brigid,
      • Native American
      • African: oshun
      • hindu: Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali
      • Chinese: Quan Yin,
      • Maya: Ix Chel
    • universality
  • community
    • How do I bring Her into my life?
    • How do I become involved?
  • The Mother Wound
    • The Earth, Her rape and yours.
    • being invisible
  • The current political climate
    • disenfranchisement
    • What would a world look like, in which feminine values were as honored as male values?
    • Prophecies…it’s all in the stars.
  • Empowerment
    • How do I nurture feminine values in myself?
    • How do I nurture feminine values in my family?
    • Pornography vs. the power of the erotic
    • duplicity and complicity
  • Holistic medicine
    • Monsanto, big pharma, and the FDA
    • The AMA
    • Body, mind and spirit….what about emotions?
    • If you don’t have a body, you can’t feel….If you can’t feel than how do you know what is true?
    • Trusting your feelings
    • technology and misogyny
  • The Shining Masculine
    • What do feminine values look like in men?
    • How many ways to kill the divine feminine…The Shadow Masculine Agenda

May the Goddess be with you. ♥