Sessions are available by appointment.
Mondays through Thursdays, 11am until 8pm.

Sessions for Maya Abdominal Therapy is scheduled, if you are a menstruating woman, between the time that your last menstrual period ended and five days prior to the expected onset of your next cycle. For those who do not menstruate, any mutually agreeable time will work. By following the steps below your healing process begins!

  • If upon receiving your contact form, I feel that we would be a good match, I will call you to speak with you personally. If you contact me, I will respond. The sound of a person’s voice says a lot about the connection you will be able to have with them. It is the beginning of the healing relationship.
  • I cannot answer all questions through email. Quite often, you may have one question, and I will need to ask you another, and perhaps more, before I can give you a relevant answer. Developing a working relationship is part of the process of holistic healing.
  • Prior to your first session, you complete a personal history questionnaire of your life-style and health care issues. This form can be downloaded at the link below. Please fill this out at home. What works best is to go over the form once and answer the easy questions, and then go over it again and fill in the items that require more thought. It is best not to leave this until the last minute. Please bring this form with you to our appointment.
    Please do not email it to me.

Click here to download a confidential intake form.


I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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