Our lives are defined by a great conversation, a give-and-take relationship between our vision of ourselves and the unfolding mystery and reality of it. In fact, we do not always move forward because of the plans we make or the effort we expend. Rather, it is this conversation with Mystery that more often does the true work of resolution
and transformation.

~ David Whyte, from What to Remember When Waking

Mother Earth’s Sustainable Wellness Retreats

Come when you are called; Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall….

Over the years, I have witnessed clients’ fatigue, lack of sleep and frustrations with their work-life. This has inspired reflection upon what might be offered to support returning to the path of creating an authentic life for themselves, enjoying more family time, making themselves a priority, and getting their own projects and dreams back on track. This awareness has simmered over many years, and has ripened into a process and program that is at once a place to be cradled in deep rest, and a springboard toward a sustainable authentic life. The result is Sustainable Wellness Retreats, located at Bridge Between the Worlds in Keswick, Virginia, northeast of Charlottesville. 

Private, semi-private or small-group formats are offered. The structure of the retreat is the result of a co-creative process between your goals and my skills. For example, intent may focus upon fertility, healthy weight, menopause, herbal education, feminine spirituality, or deep-soul work. Each program is then designed with your desires and preferences in mind. The content of the day may include working together to decipher the meaning of a dream you have had, conscious movement, a customized bodywork session, play-time with soul arts, learning about herbal preparations, and more. Perhaps most importantly, you will have time to rest and be. Peace and quiet are valued, and silence is welcome.

Our “base camp” is a lovely, secluded property where you will be provided a decadent, nutritious lunch and snacks, prepared around your dietary needs. We will venture out from here, giving priority to spending reflective time outdoors, allowing relationship with the surrounding wild lands and the messages of your own body to reveal themselves.

It is my service to guide you in ways of reading what may be shown to you through your experiences on this journey. My intention is to support you in honoring and trusting your own Truth as it arises through this experience.  The following narrative may resonate with you: Plant Spirit Healing.

My own journey has led me from a traditional Judeo-Christian upbringing to an embodied, responsive, direct relationship with the Earth. There are many tools I have come to know that have enabled me to walk many dark nights of the soul with a modicum of grace, bearing gifts from “the fruitful darkness”. As I continue to witness those who come to me in my practice, I am called to offer the fullness of what has sustained me through these dark nights, with those who are seeking a way back to their true selves, to inner peace, to their authentic gifts and life purpose.

Mother Earth’s Sustainable Wellness Retreats are offered at Bridge Between the Worlds in Keswick, Virginia. The location is convenient and easily accessible, just over two hours from Washington, DC and an hour from Richmond, VA. There are options regarding the length of your retreat, and it’s content. You may wish to come for just the day, or you may wish to spend one night or more.

If you come for the day, there is no need to make elaborate travel plans, arrangements for pet sitting, nor pack and unpack. Just come with what you need for the day, and go home to sleep in your own bed, rested and refreshed.

If you choose to lengthen your stay at Bridge Between the Worlds for the evening prior to, and/or following  your retreat,  you may use the full kitchen at the center for your dinner and breakfast cooking needs. Lunch will be provided during the structured part of your stay.

Retreats are available during weekdays and some weekends, beginning at around 10 am and finishing at about 5 pm. Scheduling during the week is encouraged, as it is easier to find the quiet you are seeking during these days. Because of the very personal nature this sacred container requires, please fill out the Application Form and share it with me so that we have an opportunity to talk and begin to know one another before the date for your retreat.

Retreat fees include bodywork session, lunch, snacks, art supplies and admission to certain destinations, when applicable.
Private Retreat Fee, 10am until 4pm: $468.
Semi Private Retreat Fee, 10am until 5pm: $414 per person.
Small Group Retreat Fee, 10am until 6pm: $360 per person.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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