Mother Earth’s Sustainable Wellness Retreats

Q: Are there some advance readings you suggest to prepare for our work together?

A: Yes, How to Find a True Mentor; The Currency of Spiritual Services; and How to Work with a Spiritual Teacher. These articles are written by a true wise woman, Ronda LaRue. For a more extensive list of more particular issues and inquiries, please contact me.

Q: How do I get to Body & Soul Healing Arts?

A:  To begin your entry into this parallel reality, I recommend taking a scenic route to your retreat, rather than the highways.

Google directions, or set your GPS to: Bridge Between the Worlds, 2395 Paddock Wood Road, Keswick, Virginia 22947.

Q: What should I bring and not bring?

A: Bring comfy clothing and layers. Please also bring shoes that are easy to slip off/on and a pair for hiking. Bring a bathing suit if you want one for the kayaking or Spa World (optional at your preference). Please don’t bring any work, emails etc. This is time for real self reflection, peace and inner quiet. If there is a favorite snack or a special object from home that you feel inclined to bring along, feel free to do so. (no personal pets…not because I don’t love them, but because its really important to break from your own normal home stuff and be in a new space).

Q: What about food preferences and allergies?

A: I think you will be delighted with the food. Food is healthy and organic when at all possible, but not vegetarian unless you specify. I will ask you about allergies and will do my best to prepare foods within your choices. Alcohol consumption should be minimal (celebration/ceremonial times only) or not at all during this special retreat.

Q: Is this therapy and what about any medical treatments?

A: If you are concerned about your mental, emotional, or physical health, please have your healthcare professional advise you regarding this retreat and your readiness for it.

If you are on medications for depression, anxiety, or other health issues, be sure to let me know, and do not stop treatment during this process. You are 100% responsible for your own mental, emotional, and physical well being while here doing this self-designed inner work. If you have any reservations on this count, gain the advice of your doctor before applying for this retreat.

This is not therapy and I am not a therapist. Our work is one of sacred relationship where you are spiritually guided and mentored in the soul work of discovering how to live from your own inner wisdom and creativity.

You may find more information about my approach, extensive training, background and qualifications by perusing this site. I request that all retreat applicants read How to Find a True Mentor… ; The Currency of Spiritual Services ; and How to Work with a Spiritual Teacher , by Ronda LaRue.

This is a very special relationship, only for those who are called to a deep level of self-reflection, personal responsibility and a readiness to grow in new ways of health, connection with what is Real, and freedom to chose your way. It is for those who have the desire to work with someone one-on-one who can mentor your discovering your own inner wisdom and authentic path. We will be using the mind in service to soul, and we will be entering into the dance of reclaiming your authentic Self.

Q: What should I expect?

A: Expect to find this way more and way different than you expected… and if you can, simply drop the kinds of expectations that have to do with details and questions about the process; that’s all mind/fear stuff that gets in the way of the very peace and clarity you seek. Instead, let your expectations go, and open to the flow of your deep soul longing. From this place there will be playful depth of self-realization and adventure!

For more (if you just can’t help it… take a look at the client testimonials and you’ll get a sense of what this experience can be).

Q: When is payment due and is my deposit refundable?

A: Once you have made either your deposit or paid in full, your private retreat is scheduled and confirmed and that date is held only for you.

Your deposit is non-refundable for cancellation within 30 days of your private retreat unless I can fill your space, in which case 80% is refundable. Cancellation at a time that is more than 30 days from your retreat date, will refund at 50% on your request. If cancellation is due to my emergency, you will have the choice of 95% refund or may schedule another date.

Payment in full is required on or before your retreat begins. You will receive a final invoice prior to your retreat for any remaining balance due. You will receive a tax receipt for this retreat when you are here in addition to the electronic receipt.