pregnancy imageCraniosacral Therapy can help a woman’s body adjust to the changes created by pregnancy and help her prepare for labour in a fully resourced condition. It can help her relax and ensure there is good pelvic alignment going into the birth.


Working with the Craniosacral system of mothers and babies postnatally can help recovery from the rigours of childbirth. It can help the reorganisation of the mother’s body to a non-pregnant state, encourage bonding between mother and baby, calm mother’s systems down and gives them some time for attention to be focused on their needs as a mother.


Compressions and restrictions experienced during the birth process may lead to common infant problems such as colic, excessive crying, irritability, feeding and sleeping difficulties. Craniosacral therapy can help relieve the compressions and restrictions, which then allows the baby to settle and heal. This often benefits the whole family as it reduces tension within the family dynamics. Some babies can react to immunisations and often mothers bring their infants in for post immunisation checks. Mother and baby are often treated in the same session.


Children are treated for a variety of reasons, some being due to sleeping issues, behavioural and learning difficulties, post-immunisation checks, chronic illnesses (glue ear, persistent headaches, etc), injuries and general wellness checks. With very little children, they are often treated while playing with toys or being read books.
Teenagers can get a huge benefit from Craniosacral therapy during a time in their life when things can all seem rather unsettling. Apart from sports injuries, we see a lot of teens for growth pains, hormonal imbalances, stress, digestive disorders and learning issues. Teenagers find the light touch therapy, in a supportive environment is very calming on their nervous system and they can really “chill out”.

The children are often treated along with one or both parents. The family unit is treated at times to help interrelationships between the family and deal with issues that may be of a familial tendency.


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