Plant Spirit Healing

Our challenge is to not let the modern world and all that comes with it close us off from the spirit that exists all around us. We experience our environment through our senses and our electromagnetic field, with the heart being the primary organ of perception. Our electromagnetic fields are scrambled by the constant bombardment of waves from all directions: cell phones, microwaves, TV, electric lines, computers and the alternating current in our houses, just to mention a few. Our senses are dulled by the smell of exhaust fumes or pesticides sprayed on lawns, the sound of the constant drone of traffic or Muzak in the grocery store, the feel of concrete under our feet or the touch of synthetic clothing on our skin, the sight of skyscrapers or identical houses all in a row, and the taste of chlorine in our water or the old grease of fast food.

Our hearts close down their ability to perceive because of the constant bombardment of images of death and destruction throughout the world, the culturally accepted prejudice of mind over heart, and the shattering we experience through the misguided understandings of love that our society confuses with sex. When our exposure is constant over long periods of time a kind of forgetfulness, or what Martin Prechtel calls “amnesia” sets in. We forget what it is like to be connected to the earth and to the spirit that is inherent in every plant, every tree, every rock, every stream, every mountain, and every animal. Because it is this spirit that gives us our very life, when we are cut off from it withering occurs and spiritual malnourishment begins. It is the lack of interaction and connection with nature as the source of our sustenance–partly caused by the anthropocentric view–that allows nature to be seen as a commodity to be used and thus usually abused.

Spiritual malnourishment has reached epidemic proportions in the Western world, with the rest of the world following close behind as modernity and globalization continue to encroach with their life-killing ways. The commodification of nature is a direct reflection of our separation from our own true nature, the aspect of ourselves that knows our connection to spirit through the Earth, and this blatant disregard for the Earth and her sustaining ways indicates a great disease is among us.

~ Pam Montgomery, from her book, “Plant Spirit Healing”