Endometriosis takes time to resolve. A six-month commitment to the process is recommended. The manual therapy is essential, and most effective when combined with nutritional, herbal and supplement support.

Ideally, it is recommended to refrain from trying to conceive for three months while you are following the Maya Abdominal Therapy protocol. This gives your womb time to build optimal health to support conception and carrying to term. It is best to receive this work prior to receiving IUI or IVF treatments. Who knows? You may be able to conceive without these expensive and invasive interventions! Please note that I do not schedule same day appointments

Fibroids generally grow slowly. A six-month commitment to the process is recommended. The manual therapy of this work is essential, however so are the nutritional, herbal and supplemental therapies recommended. If your fibroids are 10cm or smaller this approach may be helpful for you.

Post Surgical/Trauma Adhesions/Scar Tissue:
Maya Abdominal Therapy (MAT) may soften adhesions (scar tissue) from surgeries or traumas to the pelvic and abdominal area. It may improve blood flow to the pelvic organs as well as the uterine lining, and may alleviate painful menstruation, aid digestion, and help resolve urinary incontinence or other bladder issues that may have developed because of these adhesions.

Preconception Support:
Supports health before conception, thereby improving pregnancy-related outcomes. Maya Abdominal Therapy and herbal preparations may help you balance and restore your moon cycles after use of birth control hormones or following a pregnancy by helping to regulate your periods and stimulating menstruation if you are not menstruating. It is part of an integrative healthcare model promoting healthier women, babies and families.

Uterine Prolapse:
Maya Abdominal Therapy is helpful for stages 1-3 prolapse. If you have a stage 3 prolapse you will have to be especially committed to the protocol for optimal results.



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