Ginko, circulatory aid to improve memory.Herbal Consultations

As an herbalist, I do not diagnose nor prescribe. I provide information to assist you in making healthier choices for your diet and lifestyle, and educate you about the use of herbal teas, tinctures, and supplements. I resonate with the Chinese medical system’s belief that the goal of a healer is obsolescence. The less we need to work together, the stronger and clearer is my practice. I work with acute as well as chronic situations, children, teens, adults and elders. After the initial session I see clients monthly (more if needed) for three to four months until the desired results have established their patterns.Red Clover, great for lymphatic system.

I have been working with plants since 2000, and am still amazed how these gifts nourish, support and move people into a deeper state of health. With almost twenty years experience as a massage therapist and body-worker, I am knowledgeable about allopathic science and I am able to translate this language for clients so that they may gain agreater understanding of their process. I work directly with psychotherapists and acupuncturists and often refer to other professionals as well.Passion flower...wildly psychedelic! No, not a halucenigen....nervine, calming.

My initial session is 1.5 hours and includes a full intake of past medical history, integrating into my recommendations, the relevance of past and present emotional issues upon your current state of health. I combine the knowledge I have gained as a body worker, my ongoing study of herbs, naturopathic philosophy, the chakra system, meditation techniques, yoga, dance, Pilates and Gyrotonics, to offer a very accurate method of working in an intuitive manner.

Russian Comfrey

Herbal Support for Menopause:

Unique protocols are designed for those seeking alternative approaches to drugs or surgery. I will educate you to manage symptoms as your body shifts in this naturally occurring change. Herbal teas, tinctures, supplements dietary and lifestyle changes will help address the root causes of symptoms and gently bring you back into balance.

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