Gift certificates make wonderful gifts for those you care about.
Certificates are available for either one hour or one and one half hour sessions.

  • $9o-$120 per hour private session (sliding fee scale)
  • $140-$180 per one and a half hour private session (sliding fee scale)

Please use the form below to let me know to whom you would like to certificate sent….

PLEASE NOTE: There are three payment options: the paypal donation button in the sidebar to the right of this page; check or cash. You may submit payments from any page of my site. You do not have to return to this page to submit payments. The only option for a paypal button through my web host is a donation button, so please tally your choices carefully. Sorry for the two step process, but this is the only way I can offer online payments. If you choose the check option, checks may be made payable to: Angela Ferri, and mailed to Angela Ferri, 7 Thorne Road, Cabin John, Maryland 20818. And of course, if you’d like to drop by, cash is always welcome.


I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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