Angela offers a unique synthesis of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Maya Abdominal Therapy, eclectic herbalism and over twenty-one years of experience as a bodyworker and spiritual seeker. Her skills address the symptoms of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. She is currently enrolled in Pre and Perinatal Trauma Resolution Training with Myrna Martin, who trained with Ray Castellino, founder of Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.

Angela studied Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training with Roger Gilchrist of The Wellness Institute, Brooklyn, NY. The lineage of this modality comes through Doctors of Osteopathy, W.G. Sutherland and A.T. Still. She is also a contributor to Be Well World publications.

Apprenticeship with Rosita Arvigo, ND in Maya Abdominal Therapy, since 2001 has enabled Angela to integrate her cumulative professional experience as a massage therapist, herbalist and deep listener. She was an instructor of this modality from 2006-2010. While an instructor she assisted Dr. Arvigo with professional level classes in Belize, and presented “Counter-transference within a Therapeutic Relationship” as it relates to Maya Abdominal Therapy, at the 2007 Maya Abdominal Therapy Convention.

Angela was honored to have been one of a team of practitioners that provided professional services to participants in a recent residential retreat held by Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts. Smith Farm offers healing resources and support for individuals, families and communities affected by cancer and other serious illnesses.

Angela’s training in clinical herbalism at Dreamtime Center for Herbal Studies in Washington, Virginia began in 2000. Her primary teachers are Kathleen Maier, Claudia Joy Wingo, Rosemary Gladstar, and Stephen Harrod Buhner. She has a deep affinity with the Sacred Plant Medicine teachings of Stephen H. Buhner. She graduated from The Sherer Institute for Natural Healing in Santa Fe, NM in 1992. The Institute is cited as one of the top ten massage schools in the U.S.

Angela has been a student of many forms of dance and movement. Primarily, she has been studying Spiritual Belly Dance, Pilates and Gyrotonics in the D.C. metro area with her teacher Angel since 1996. Spiritual Belly Dance integrates knowledge of the bodies energy systems with conscious movement, with the intention of supporting women’s health and empowerment. Angela has been teaching classes and workshops since 1999.

She held board and executive administrative positions for the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology (1989-91) and the C.G. Jung Institute of New Mexico (1991-92). In 1986, a desire for healing led to exploration of depth psychology and dream work. The split between spirituality and matter prompted exploration of indigenous and mystical spiritual practices of many cultures, including earth-centered technologies and many types of meditation. She earned an M.A. in Fine Art in 1985, and achieved some success in the publishing field over twelve years.

She practices yoga, enjoys kayaking, cycling, and slow food, supports conscious sustainable communities, and is an artist and organic gardener.

Angela is licensed in the state of Maryland and is nationally certified as a massage therapist. She is a member of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, Maya Abdominal Massage Association, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, United Plant Savers, Insight Meditation Community of Greater Washington, and student member of the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America.


4 Responses to “About Angela”

  1. kath robinson Says:

    Hi Angela
    Your work was brought to my attention by Njemile Jones who is a fertility Acupuncturist. I was telling her of my desire to expand my knowledge of fertility/mayan massage. She told me both about your work and how gifted you are as a practioner. She said “Angela is The Best”. Njemile is Not an effusive woman, so I really listen carefully to her words.
    If you would consider making time to meet with me, I will appreciate that very much.
    Kath Robinson, LMT

    1. somagnosis Says:

      Hi Kath,

      Wow, thank Njemile for me!
      I’d be glad to meet with you. Where are you located?
      Won’t be able to arrange anything until the second after the 4th of December.

      Let’s see what we can work out…

  2. Susana Says:

    I have been in the midst of some late-night post-studying google wandering and came across your site. I’m a nurse-midwifery student and aside from women’s health in love with all things holisitic. I’ve been so wonderfully enthralled with everything on here and so look forward to checking in with you about a variety of things, though likely a massage to begin with 🙂 One of these days! I’ve fallen prey to the hectic life of a graduate student. You seem amazing to me! Sending you much warmth and well wishes! -Susana in Manassas, VA

    1. somagnosis Says:

      Hi Susana, Thanks so much for your feedback! It’s good to know it is valued! I’ll be closer, in Bethesda soon….Best to you in your studies! ~ Angela

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